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What we do


Substation/ Switchgear Replacement

HPS provides support services to power companies. We undertake Substation/ Switchgear Replacement including aging circuit breakers within a safe system of work, meaning HPS is well placed to undertake works across all voltages.

OHL Refurbishment (all voltages)

HPS is capable to provide Overhead Line (OHL) maintenance, new build, and refurbishment, particularly for transmission from 132kV up to 400kV. Specifically, his can include tower painting, steel replacement, insulator changing, lightning protection, and restringing as well as slope and foundation reinforcement.


Construction of New Overhead Line

As well as refurbishment, our team have experience in OHL construction from LV up to 400kV, using wood pole and steel towers as well as single, dual and quad conductor. This specialist work is undertaken by highly trained linesmen, using quality equipment and techniques, often working at height and in close proximity to live power lines. HPS have a network of qualified personnel and subcontractors as well as an established supply chain for equipment and materials, supported by a detailed safety management system ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality workmanship.

Tower Strengthening and Re-conductoring

OHL are traditionally long-term infrastructure assets that require little regular maintenance over their 20-40 year lifespan. However, their repeated exposure to the elements means that ultimately components will require replacement or need updating as transmission and distribution technology changes. HPS can refurbish overhead lines, upgrade conductor, or replace damaged components.

Our team have experience in various upgrades such as polymeric insulators or conductor change outs. As conductor is updated, it may be heavier or have different characteristics. This can often mean that the tower is needing to support more weight that it was designed for. HPS can work with the tower designers and manufacturers to install new components and members in order to strengthen the tower allowing it to carry these increased loads.


Line Patrolling

Prevention is better than cure! HPS can provide regular line patrols and detailed condition reports of overhead line assets, ensuring any defects can be addressed before they cause a failure, creating power outages and affecting network reliability. Such patrols can include manned inspections, drone inspections and helicopter surveys alongside our partners. HPS would be happy to create a patrolling plan taking account of your particular needs such as frequency, timescale, length of line(s) to be inspected and budget available.

Emergency Cover

When inclement weather hits it can leave large numbers of customers without power, HPS can respond, mobilise and support to help reenergise affected customer premises. Our highly trained staff have worked to restore power during typhoons and in the aftermath of fires and floods; working closely with supply companies we can help and support a storm response plan. We also offer fault and restoration services that can give electricity companies 24/7 standby cover in both overhead lines and underground cabling faults. By using the latest technology, we can quickly pinpoint the fault and reduce restoration times which helps to reduce the impact of any supply interruption.

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